Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Remix

I wear white dresses more than black ones since they feel less harsh with dark accessories (like tights and mittens which are necessary for cold weather), so even though this one is a bit fancy with its jeweled collar I've already worn it a ton this winter. The right layers really take a dress from party to day-wear appropriate and when you enjoy a piece you can find a ton of different ways to wear it.


Kristian said...

I love white dresses too. Gonna wear one today in fact!

Michelle said...

I love the coat you're wearing. So simple but so striking!

Etees said...

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madhura joshi said...

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krishna yadav said...
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Ella Ava said...

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Alexandra Marie said...

You style it in so many different ways, and so well that it took me a minute to figure out what piece you were remixing! Now that's the way to expand your wardrobe ;-) Alex

MarieBayArea said...

Thanks for the white dress idea. You look adorbs in all of these.

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