Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Remix

I've had this silly Cheap Monday tee for years and it is still a favorite. I like the way it looks like Mickey Mouse is punching me in the face. I wear it often in the summer on casual days with a pair of jean shorts, but the simple black and white graphic works with more pulled together outfits as well. I have a number of tee shirts featuring black designs on a white tee and they're always my most worn--they just go with everything.


amanda said...

i love pairing a graphic tee with skirts! perhaps it is 2013's answer to the tutu and wife beater days of carrie bradshaw.

love your t! new to blogging but not your blog.


Pearl said...

Ahghhhhhh! So adorable! You look pulled together in a simple tee.as well!

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