Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Remix

I received this suede skirt this summer from Koshka and it's become a nifty little addition to my wardrobe. Brown is a color I don't often wear, but I think this skirt proves I should be investing in it more often. The simple button front is reminscent of popular 70s styles and the classic design mixes well with a variety of different tops and transitions nicely between seasons.


Rory said...

I love all of the different graphic tops you've worn it with! SO LOVELY! :)

Angela said...

A very versatile skirt. Great outfit.

Patricia said...

I loved the skirt, but for some reason the pictures seem a little sad... maybe because I myself don't like Sundays very much :-)

Have a great week!


Emily P. said...

I've always loved that skirt. Any front-button detailing always makes me swoon. You're always so great at taking a piece and styling it in completely different ways :)

Rach why said...

It's great how you're showing the versatility of skirt visually through a collage. Your style is really cute and unique! Love your blog.


Kailey said...

Love love love - your style is such a breath of fresh air <3

Kitsune-kun said...

I love the fabric and texture of that skirt! such a winner.

Alexandra Marie said...

You wear that pixi cut SOOOO well- it looks adorable on you!

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