Friday, November 30, 2012

Library Visits

I didn't initially plan to visit the library. I wanted to capture a bit of the fleeting beauty of the snow that visited us, but it left too quickly. So after treking through some fields and forests, refuge was found in the nearby library--my numb toes were grateful for the escape from the outdoors. We could live a few dozen lives in the library without ever chilling our fingertips or exposing our sensitive shells to the elements. There would be plenty of substance to satisfy our appetites--we could become cannibals devouring our favorite biographies before getting tipsy on the perfectly aged verses of the bards and passing out in the Astronomy aisle beneath a hundred pages of shooting stars. There'd never be a reason to leave.

Outfit details:


Flash Jordan said...

Last time I missed my bus home and I had to wait for the next one, I find refuge in the local bookstore. After a while of looking around, I had to be careful not to miss the bus again. There's always so much to explore :)

and btw, your photos remind me a lot of cindy sherman's libary still

Kristian said...

I adore going to the library and you describe it so perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I love your new haircut, it's really the length i préfer on you ! So cute.

Kate said...

You are so cute!


g33k and chic said...

I absolutely love your tights! Such a fun touch with the sparkles!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Shannon Willardson said...

This is DA-BOMB.com!!


Foxes in Spring said...

These pictures are lovely! I like your shimmery dress and the tights - quite a festive look!

ftashion said...

Love your pics in black and white and I daore your tights, matches with your books on comets!


Rachel said...

Gosh, that's the most beautiful description of a library I could ever even imagine reading. I went to my favorite little bookstore the other day and felt similar things though I could never hope to excited them so beautifully.

Cait Val said...

LIVING for those tights!!!!! and those photos in library are too sweet!!!! so cozy!

xo. c & v
cake & valley

Anonymous said...

Your hair has grown out a bit since last time (as a fellow short haired lady I notice these things), you seem more comfortable in this cut now! Rock it, girl.

MarieBayArea said...

i heart the public library. you look gorgeous, big-eyed girl. you're a doll.

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