Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I got a new haircut. I went in with pictures of Jean Seberg, but I have since decided that this is too short for me (especially in winter when your head gets so cold as it is!). Oh well, it'll grow back soon enough and it's nice to try new things. It's also getting to be that difficult time of year to shoot outdoors. I come back inside with hands numb from clutching my tripod and eyes watering from the cold and wind. The misery of every winter reminds me I was built for warmer climes, but I muddle through somehow. I do hate the lighting and limited space indoors, so this will be another winter of chilled limbs and stiff smiles due to outdoor photography...

Outfit details:
vintage shoes
Rebecca Minkoff backpack


M. (Faded M Style) said...

I love your hair! And those tights are so fun! xo
Best, M.

Kitsune-kun said...

oh I like it though! I had the same thing happen over the summer, but since it was summer the extra short felt much more fitting, even if it freaked me out a little. It is rough to have no extra warm layer up there for the winter though- I'm totally avoiding cutting mine even though I hate the mulletish mess in the back because I need all the warmth I can get.

Anna Decker said...

On the contrary, I think your 'do looks great. I have also carried the Jean Seberg pictures into hair salons attempting to recreate her famous pixie with my own dark brown, wavy hair. I love how short she kept it as opposed to her later years in a ponytail. However, after having that haircut for the last 4-5 years, I've decided to grow it out to a Katherine Hepburn or Chanel style. I love how fearless you are with your own locks and wish other ladies try the same. I find it silly to have such attachment - it's hair and it will grow back [though I do agree that short hair is quite uncomfortable in colder weather!].

As with winter season, I wish Florida had more of one [I prefer sweaters and tights over sundresses and bare legs]. It does get cold here, but not as much as the northern states. At least you experience the different seasons.

With all that said, I'd like to add that I admire your sense of style, your photography, the art posts, and your way of writing. Your blog is literally the first blog I look forward to every morning.

Kate said...

Your scarf is fantastic!


MintJulep said...

I love the shorter hair, I think u look adorable. And here I was thinking I would get to see some indoors pics of you, I so love the indoor view of someone else's looks and life... ah well.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I absolutely love your extra-short hari! I loved it when you first had it done (in New York, I think?), and I love it now. You really suit the cropped look. :)

Rory said...

I think the hair looks awesome! it's cute so short! :) Also love the snood and your colored tights. Basically this whole thing rocks :)
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Phara said...

I know what you mean! Short hair can be very cold in winter time, but this haircut looks amazing on you, it really does!!

Orchid Grey said...

Ohh, I know all too well how it feels when the stylist just cuts a little too much off. I do love your hair super short though, it's a small change but lends a bit of an edge to your look. Beautiful as always!

Femke said...

Oh, it's sooo short indeed! But luckily it grows back. And you look lovely anyway!

xoxo, Femke
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Angela said...

I think you hair looks great, I really like edgy short cuts. I also like your attitude to the fact that you think it's too short, but never mind because it will grow back. Great photos!

Samantha Manzella said...

I love the short hair on you, especially cropped to this length. It just looks so utterly chic. I recently chopped the mop to this length, too, and now I'm letting it grow a little more. Wouldn't trade my pixie for the world, though. :)

- Samantha

ftashion said...

You look lovely in short hair, don't worry. But it's rather sad that it's too cold for your outdoor photos, cause I love them! Wear more beanies for this winter I guess.


Anonymous said...

Keep the hair! Short hair=international symbol for independent woman!

The Flightless Bird said...

i empower short hair. i do. i find it more independent and courageous than girls who fear short do's. i too love chopping off long locks for short. yuup.

xx Kat
keep on trucking this winter! these photos turned out lovely :)

Pansy Lane said...

Oooh I think it looks great on you! When I had shortshort hair I did the same thing and cut it about that length once, it was too short for me too. Mine happened in the summer though so I didn't have to worry about cold ears!

Anonymous said...

I also went in with a picture of Jean Seberg and decided it was too short for me, too. But it's worth doing the super short pixie at least once, and certainly while your hair is near that length. I think it's cute and could lend itself well to dramatic makeup and more style experimentation.

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