Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lauren Moffatt Spring 2012 Preview

<span class=While I was in New York for fashion week I requested a studio visit with Lauren Moffatt and happily she obliged. Erin and I were able to preview her new spring collection before nearly anyone else and I think it must be my favorite yet! Delicate star sequins and pretty crocheted dresses? Yes, please! I quite like her fall collection, but now I can't wait for spring to come to stores...
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pictures 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 by Erin


Sophie Carmo said...

So nice :-)

Meg said...

You had me at star sequins! Such a lovely collection.

Raquel Faria said...

Gorgeous! :D

Rae Veda said...
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Rae Veda said...

I LOVE that blouse. So cute. I love behind the scenes pictures of designers. xo, rv


dos en la pasarela said...

kisses from Dos en la Pasarela

Fashion Inciter said...

Wow super cute, loving the snap shots of the work room. Amazing post!

Jen said...

Very cute, I love the patterns. The yellow top is really nice.

Vega said...


So sweet!

Love the soft colors and designs!

Adorable. Love it!

<3 Vega

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