Monday, October 11, 2010

Lulus $100 Giveaway

This week I've partnered with Lulu*s to bring you all a new giveaway. Lulu*s started as a mother-daughter dream in 1996 and now carries many emerging designers and stays current with the trends. They're an online-only store and add new items weekly. In addition to the modern pieces and brands they carry they also offer a few select vintage pieces. I snagged a few pieces from Lulus that I've already worn, but their selection is so great I'm still coveting more (feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about my experience).
The winner of this giveaway will receive a $100 gift card to Lulu*s to spend on whatever their heart desires!
To Enter:
-visit Lulu*s
-leave a comment here with a link to what you would spend your gift card on (feel free to tell me why too, I'm curious!)
-only one entry per person, the winner will be drawn on 10/18, only open to US & International readers from Canada
*please leave a way for me to contact you; all of my winners are notified directly


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Lexi said...

I have been coveting a pair of ankle boots and this would be the perfect pair.

Steph said...

I'd spend the $100 gift card on the following:


Both of these because they would be replacing similar items that have sadly been used to oblivion.


renee said...

Hi :)

I love the cut and the fangs just go so well with the time of year right now!

Anonymous said...

Lumber Jill Coat by Tulle and maybe some bling to go with it. But the coat is a must have.

starinthenitesky (at)

anja louise said...

I would be pretty into getting some nice oxfords like these!

I keep hoping I'll thrift some, but they haven't come my way so far and they have a bunch of cute ones at Lulus!

Hélène Marie Jeanne said...

Heyyy! :))

This would be a choice from Lulu's, I found it so cute, plus I love leather! :D

And this one..

And last but not least, these amazing shoes! :D

Thanks! :)


hannahruby said...

im craving some pretty socks at the moment, australia has none!! so these would be part of what i would buy:

natalie said...

What a fantastic giveaway, as per usual. :D

Obviously the $100 wouldn't cover all of this, but here are some things I might consider spending the money on:

I've been looking for a plain cream colored sweater for a while. One can never have too many lovely little dresses. And I'm need of some new boots or flats.

Belinda said...

because I am suffering from a dearth of boots at this moment in my life.

Kate said...

There's a solid chance that I would change my mind (there are SO many great things there!) but I have been eyeing the BB Dakota Douglas Blazer for a while, so that would be at the top of my list...


Jenna M. said...

LOVE lulus! Especially their shoe election.

Style Explosion

Daria said...

These are a few things I would love to get!
I love one shoulder dresses. They have a very....modern elegance feel to them. This one is especially beautiful due to it's color:

I would buy this oxfords in a heartbeat! The dark brown gives them an old vintage-y look. I actually saw a pair just like them in this one magazine and I fell in love instantly:

Lastly, I would get this headband. It makes me want to frolic through fields as I wear it:

my email:


Hey Rebecca!

you know how much I love my sister rite?

and as she is turning 17, she needs lots of dresses to attend different party like every weeks so getting 2 dresses from this great giveaway will be an awesome advance Christmas present for her!

I would choose these 2 dresses!
THIS DRESS! because it reminds me of the pricey Herve Leger

and what comes best with a dress?
a high heels for sure!

so here are those items that I would love to pick for my sister! you know I can't imagine how happy will she be when she knows that she will get a dress + a heels at the same time!


Gilbert Ganda

Jen Jen said...

I would spend it (and put more $$ on as well I've fallen in love):


I've been wanting these JCs for far too long. Since summer is coming in Aus the dress will be perfect for day and night :)

kendall said...

i would spend the gift card on these babies

why? because they look fun to wear and i have no other shoes that even closely resemble these ones. diversity in a shoe collection makes me happy :)

Kendall said...

oy vey, contact information

aside from my blog, you can contact me through email


The Poptart Bandit said...

There are so many cute things to choose from! I looked through the dresses and narrowed it down to 3 favorites...

I picked these because they each have a unique print and all look super comfortable! =D

Gladys said...

definitely this dress. i love big sleeves!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the market for a new bag, and this one is so fall-back-to-school chic. Love it.

Style Activist said...

I am just mad about fur right now! And this piece would be perfect for layering! :) I am so excited about this because Lulus is one of my favorite online stores!



style activist

Elektrokat said...

Oh - I would spend the card on the little marble donkey...

I'd rescue him and introduce him to a life of fabulousness... Whilst wearing this luscious number -

along with this fantastic scarf -

Oh yes! We'd have a lovely time!

I'm on

Rose said...

The dress because I've been leaning towards more feminine looks since I cut my hair super short and pink is branching out and the wedges cuz they'd be adorable for biking across campus.

Elizabeth B said...

I was going through my sister's old 80's clothes when she was a toddler and I found some shorts that looked nearly like these. I fell in love with them! Only one problem: .. they were made for a toddler. So of course I was bummed I couldn't wear those cute bleached high-waisted shorts.. until I found these on Lulu's! C:

I'd also snag this:

Simply because I love interactive and animated necklaces!

Reach me at c:

Kori said...

I would use my gift card on:

aka the bag that I totally don't need because I am a bag fiend, yet totally DO need (just go with it!) because it is adorable and impressive for Billabong....


because I am obsessed with boots. And studs. And things that are black.

I'd probably wear the two items together. Because they'd look good and because I can.

Thank you!

Annie said...

Oh, wow. All their vintage items are incredible, I would definitely get either the Maybe Paisley Dress or the Fast Turn Red Leather Boots.

Maite said...

I will spent $100 gift card on the following items.
1- Paprika pizzo black lace up oxford ankle. ( I had always wish for one of this shoes, because they can be put together in a casual look and a professional look too).
2-Dude ranch skinny belt in grey.
3-Gilda crochet belt in chocolate.
4 Gilda crochet belt in brown.
(I want different types of belt to play around with my outfits and to give it some fashion look)

Katie ケイティ said...

It would be a really difficult choice, between the Mink Pink Seeds of Doubt Grey Sweater Dress ( OR two pairs of shoes: Navid O'Nadia Hatch Grey Lace Up Oxford ( and Bamboo Link 40 Grey Suede Over the Knee Flat Boots ( In the end, I would probably go for the shoes, because I've been meaning to get a pair of Oxfords and suede boots for a long time now.

bravegrrl said...

i love the rvca ozzy fringe knit sweater because the colors are just yummy and it looks like the perfect everyday sweater;

and these olive knit knee socks because a grrl could never have enough knee socks and i don't have this color yet;


trixie&dixie said...

Ok so a lot of the stuff I've picked out is a bit more than the gift card but because of the gift card, I would be able to afford some things I would not have been able to before!

I would buy these shoes their so alien looking and honestly, just look fun to wear!

Or some booties like these I've been looking for some boots like this one; like they were not necessarily meant to be high-heeled boots/

To contact: email

Vanessa said...

I would HAVE to get some of the lovely jewelry, because its something that I'm currently missing in my everyday wardrobe. I have one very special necklace, inherited from my Nana, but no real statement pieces, or even everyday pieces. When I get a little extra money to spend, I almost always buy the clothes instead of the jewelry, so maybe this would be the perfect opportunity to decorate myself a lil' bit. :)

Anna Carlson said...

Michael Antonio Gabby Black Nubuck Las Vegas Night Wedge!!!

Francesca said...

I love this dress! The pattern is amazing, the color palette is fun but warm for fall, and I love the back.

the corner kitchen dress would also be a perfect addition to my closet because i literally only have ONE strapless item of any kind! and living in california, that is a sad situation.

Iris said...

Great giveaway! Lulus has a great selection in shoes.

those three are my favorite shoes


Morgan said...

I've been searching for signature fall pieces to add to my wardrobe and Lulu's is the perfect place to find them.

I'd spend my $100 gift card on the following items:

These tan lace up oxfords are simple, sweet, and the perfect addition to dresses & colored tights.

This oversized top would pair perfectly with skinny black jeans and my new leopard wedges.

This scissor necklace is adorable. I can't help but love it.

For my final purchase, I chose the business class purse in navy. These 3 classic colors would weave themselves seamlessly into my wardrobe.

Maria Confer said...

Awesome giveaway Rebecca! I love Lulus and already own a few pieces from the site.

I would buy this BB Dakato trench coat:

I love the fur collar and you can never go wrong with a trench coat silhouette.


Lulu Letty

lebarry said...

I would definitely buy this because I think it would be so flattering on and I have wanted a red dress for the longest time.

I would also buy these shoes because I have been trying to find the perfect nude pump and these are it! Plus I could wear them with the red dress!

You can contact me at

Catherine said...

This is the perfect late fall jacket to stay warm in!

Malicious Mallory said...

Oh wow this is tough! Right now I think I might get
because I probably could use some pants in my life. But I'd probably change my mind and want some of those fantastic dresses.

contactmaliciousmallory @

zara said...

for sure thissss.. and these.. so cute!! fingers are crossed :)


meeyeehere said...
I love this blue dress and I have a pair of shoes that would match it exactly!

Another Day Another Outfit said...

I would buy:

I want those because I have some parties coming up that I would love to wear them too!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'd spend the $100 gift card on this velvet dress (I need it to rock)
to combinate with this awesoma leopard ring (in gold---> to rock!!!!)

and finally this cameo necklace and (because it's the perfect male shoes to me and combinated with the cameo could be interesting)


Nice store, really nice and good prices.




SWF_Terra said...

I've been in search for the perfect creamy dress and I just love this one. It looks like the sort of piece that can be worn in just about any season.

Flora said...

I would get the Angeles Tana Taupe Suede Lace Up Peep Toe Wedges ( and the Meet Me at the Water Cooler Blue Blazer ( I think this are two perfect example of transition pieces, that can also be adapted for winter.
Thanks for this chance!
Florigasina87 at hotmail dot com

Katie said...
I really like the floral pattern on this purse.

britpoppa said...

if i win i will get the Islands Are Forever Silk Party Dress because it will help me pretend summer is still going strong. kate(_)lanahan(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Tanya said...

I love Lulu's because they have cute vegan shoes, which are hard to find!

These ones are great:

Sexy, fun, and animal friendly!

email is

The Daily Fashionista said...

The Spanish Rose Wallet in Red is absolutely what I've been looking for in a wallet. It's so pretty and totally not like any other wallets in stores that I've looked in. If I don't win this contest, I may have to buy myself one after pay day!

Heather said...

I would buy the Whippersnapper Grandpa Cardigan in Beige and The Way She Moves Pink Dress because they would look amazing together.

Caroline said...

There is no doubt I would immediately purchase these shorts. They are just my style! I love anything with an interesting pattern.


Jennifer said...


Both these things are dark and remind me of fall, my favorite season!

Pleasantly Jaded said...

I have been YEARNING for a pair of JC platforms like these!! <3 I can see myself wearing them with a pretty sundress and fall color tights!!

Heather said...

I LOVE these Lace Up High Heels ( The great neutral mustard color will look lovely with all varieties of socks and jewel-tone tights!


Yara Simón said...

I would definitely get this dress:

It would be perfect for my birthday, and I like the idea of wearing a dress with cutouts.

missvinylahoy said...

I really, really want this dress:

Awesome giveaway :)

Emily R. said...
I love this bag and vintage dress, which basically contains all of the most wonderful colors for fall.

Alicia Marie said...

Love lulus and this jacket.

perfect fall trench that i have been looking for.

Lau S. said...

I'd spend the gift card on this outfit:
-Docent Beige Lace Dress
-Paprika Pizzo Black Lace Up Oxford Ankle Boots
- Fit for a Queen Quilted Grey Purse
Lau (

PrettyDamnCute said...

This dress:

And these shoes!

Please and thank you!

lei ann said...

wow $100 is a lot! i could get this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

OR just this:

thanks for a great giveaway!

Jay said...

OMG! I LOVE Lulu's!!!! :)

I would get this jacket:

because it would be a great winter staple in my wardrobe!!!! :)

500 days of Jo said...

What a great giveaway, Lulu*s always have such adorable things! :)

I would definitely buy:
These cute heels "Chelsea Crew Carla Grey Dance Class Heel":
The lovely "Annie Oakley Skirt":!

Another's Treasure said...

I've been searching for the perfect floral bag, and this one is it!

I'd spend the rest on one of the awesome pairs of oxford flats!


Courtney Elizabeth said...

I'd spend it on this green military parka. I know it'd fit seamlessly into my existing wardrobe, and I don't have any other pieces like it.

-Courtney (

Patsy said...

I'd love a pair of kick-ass boots to get me through cold Winnipeg winter.

And with the change left-over, I'd get a cute lace dress to go with it.

Addie Marie said...

I would be pretty unable to resist this dress:
and these shoes:

...because I need a killer outfit like that for a fashion show I'll be working on. :)

Rio said...

I love these Jeffrey Campbell t-strap heels! They are amazing, even though I probably could never walk in them! ;)

Kassie92 said...
This dress is adorable!
super cool shoes!
love ze bag!

Kaitlyn Simmons

hannah, heart city said...

love this jacket, and i need a good warm one for this coming winter:

Karolina said...

because I need a new pair of jeans and these are just perfect.

karolina @ szynal. com

Lauren Materne said...

I love both of these dresses, even though they're not entirely the most practical for fall (since Michigan falls are practically nonexistent!). These boots are practical as well as cute though, and I'd love to have them in my closet!

Lauren Materne said...

Sorry for not including my email address in my entry above!!!

I love both of these dresses, even though they're not entirely the most practical for fall (since Michigan falls are practically nonexistent!). These boots are practical as well as cute though, and I'd love to have them in my closet!

Zoe said... I've been looking for a good pair of cargo pants lately!

Oh, My Darling said...

Totally adore this gorgeous dress:


Pixie in Pumps said...

I think either

I love the feel of both of them for different reasons. And I think I could style them a few different ways.

pixie . in . pumps @ gmail . com

Krista Testolin said...

I am extremely excited about this giveaway! Lulu's has been one of those online shops I check every few days ever since I placed my first order last year.

I would use the gift card on:

I love the shape of this dress and the unexpected contrast of the dark and light purples!


Em said...

If I won I'd get the following!

Sophia said...

I could definitely use all of the above for homecoming! Especially the blue one...

honey and salt said...

I would buy shoes, oxfords, specifically, because I have been lusting after them for a year and do not have the funds to get them. I know--that's the saddest thing you've ever heard, huh?! well, I liked these specifically:

x3ellis said...

I've been looking for a pair of boot wedges and these are just the right height!

JBalloon said...

I would get the Country Outing Floral Backpack! I love it! It's so pretty! and I'd get the Wanted Chaps Tan Lace Up Spectator Oxford! I have wanted some cool shoes like these for so long.

Jennifer Dawn said...

I'd probably put it toward these amazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

LeighR said...

I adore the Paprika Pizzo Black Lace Up Oxford Ankle Boots! They are the perfect little boot now that fall has come around.


JessicaMarie said...

If I won, I'd definitely put the 100$ towards these ( Jeffrey Campbell boots I've been lusting after :) I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of brown boots for fall.

Anna said...

I would buy this instantly, but alas, it is sold out.

So I will settle (even though it's really not settling), I'll get this wonderful bag.

Haven said...

I love this

Beautifully Pure said...

I would get these shoes since I have a wedding to go to this spring and these shoes would look lovely with the dress I am planning to get. And I would get this purse since my perfect black bag is falling apart and I need a replacement.

Here's hoping I win! :D

~ Katie

misc-maranda said...

love this dress! and i only buy vintage or second hand, so this qualifies :)

and i'd have enough money left for this too

because everything is better with a bow ;)

Little Ocean Annie said...

This dress is the perfect one for Fall, plus the elastic waist means I can make it work over my baby belly!

Nicole said...

I would get the Knitting circle floral dress

because most of my dresses are short sleeves or sleeveless. I'd put the rest of the money towards the Chelsea Crew Tuson high heeled work boots

because they are just amazingly cool :)


eleanor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathyrine said...

I love the look of this boot, the color is dark enough that it can probably match with a lot of things! Plus its heeled which is great for my meager 5' NOTHING frame, haha. C:

arnique said...

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Keeks said...

I'd get the Sweet Cheeks Floral Dress:

I've been looking for casual dresses that I can still wear to work - this is perfect!

audie maria said...

So many choices, so many choices!
I'm lusting after both of these shorts right now. I think that the lace shorts would be great to wear underneath dresses. It seems that so many modern dresses these days just seem to be WAY SHORT so these would be great.

Cheers, audie maria

Ashley said...

I really could use some dresses, casual or dressy. I like this one:

and this one is so cute for wearing out at night!

I've also been looking for a romper that will fit my small frame and not look too baggy, here's one I like:

I love all the clothes! It's taken me forever to pick stuff out because I like it all!

Alicia said...

I love the option of vegan items on the site!

I would get


I would get the boots because I have been looking for a pair just like them and couldn't find the right ones and I would get the dress because it is such a great fall floral :)


contact me at

lynst25 said...

thanks so much for the giveaway! i'd spend it on these black diamond and chain high heels!

Ashley Bevins said...

Ashley Bevins (:

not sure if it will show the pic but those riding boots would be amazing to add to my wardrobe because I did not get any new shoes for school and I would looove to be able to add a great neutral boot for fall! (:

you can contact me at (:

Nicole said...

I'd definately go with the Vans Sophie black saddle shoes and the Doncent lace dress

Class flat shoes and a cute dress can be worn on any occasion :)

Zara said...

Ooh, what a great giveaway! I would get the Paprika Pizzo Black Lace Up Oxford Ankle Boots, because I've been looking for the perfect pair of oxfords, and the Varsity Blues Handbag in Dark Blue, because it's gorgeous. :)

bookworm396 at gmail dot com

Shy, Chesterfield said...

I love the lace colour and the florals, I;d feel like I;m making winter more stylish wearing it with some tights and boots!


Stelle M. said...

If I won I would spend it in:
this leather jacket (I really need something like this for this coming season) and this lovely dress

Michal said...

What an AMAZING giveaway! I would definitely have to spend it on shoes I think. I love the JC clogs, the JC boot camp boots, and the JC desert boot wedges. I also love the Chelsea Crew lace up desert ankle boots. It would be a hard choice for sure. I wear dresses most of the time and I feel like all of these would be so easy to pair with them!

Thanks so much!!

michal (


Dandelionkisses said...

First off, I love the shop!
Thanks to you :)
And I would buy this shirt,

Because I've never seen anything like it and I think it's fabulous.

Emma said...

To wear on my 21 run :)

NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

yay!!!for giveaways.....if I win I would probably spend it on the jeffrey campbell somebody black lace up boot.....cuz' I've been wanting it since last year.....


Omo said...

I love this bag!

I've been looking for a bag like this for some time!

platformshoesandwintercoat said...

Cause they're on my wishlist!

Hanna said...

One thing I'd get is the Nomad Canvas Bag in Olive.

Courtney said...

Great giveaway!

I think I would get:
- The Wild Diva Sangra 01 Black Moto Flat Ankle Boots
-Fluttery Frock Charcoal Grey Dress

- The BB Dakota Quinn Coat

I've been wanting a nice coat and some biker ankle boots for so long!

Love me...Love me not

Indy said...

I would definitely spend my winnings on a beautiful pair of clogs! I would love a pair with some kind of warm lining, but I would like a pair that would work for fall and next summer and spring! I think these are adorable

I would have such a hard time narrowing it down!


Alexa said...

I love these boots they are so interesting.

Matchless Vision said...

I would honestly love any dress with sleeves. I have so many without sleeves and now that winter is coming...I don't know what dresses I can wear. I am partial to the sweet cheeks floral...

Anonymous said...

I would spend my winnings on a pretty dress, some shoes, or a cute bag. These are some examples:


I guess it's a very vintage look!

Obvi Its Me said...

Love love love this olive green trench coat!! I can think of many outfits I could style this with and also keep it casual!

elle said...

I have been wanting a flat brown boot for winter!


Because I just need some new black flats!

Elle said...

Meet Me at the Water Cooler Blue Blazer

I NEED this for that perfect luncheon that I am having with my boss about my new promotion at the end of this month the cool crisp color will look amazing with this vintage plaid skirt I have for school!


Mary Sue said...

I would spend an $100 gift card towards these:

They are more than 100 dollars, so I can't afford them on a student budget, but these are the pants that finally inspired me to lose weight. They only go up to a size 8, but they are the most perfect color of taupe. I've been looking for a good pair of leather pants that don't look dominatrixy and these are the only ones I've found. :D

You can contact me at

Casey said...
so hot!
i've been really into white lace with black! i'd wear it with black jeggings
ahh! i love it!

i could definitely spend more than $100!

Jess.Lianne said...

I was looking for something that I could possibly wear to my mum's upcoming wedding and this really popped out at me! I love how bright it is!


Kenziefaith said...


Because it immediately caught my eye. I love the print! The whole bag is perfect.

& This:

Because I love skirts, and this one is oh so very pretty!

teencreeps said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
teencreeps said...

Oh, man... I would pair this dress with the following shoes:

My friend's birthday is in November, and to celebrate, we're going to New York City. It will be my first trip ever ever to New York. I've been searching for the perfect dress and shoes to wear for a night out. This dress is understated yet still fun and feminine, and I know the shoes would look slammin' with it along with a pair of neutral patterned tights.

Stephanie said...

I have to say, I reallyyy want the Baby Believe Pants
It's starting to get cold here and I really want some pants.


Emily said...

I am desperate (read: DESPERATE) for a pair of shiny black platforms, particularly if they're Jeffrey Campbell. Erin of Calivintage was the first to inspire me with her Jessica Simpson platforms... they are so cute. As are these!


Bellesme said...

i love Lulu's!
I would buy this:
I have been really into these shoes with the hidden heels. and I just really want shoes
I would also get (even thought I passed $100 =)
ugh they are lacup black, studded, buckled what more could I want??



Vicky said...

I'd get this vegan leather jacket, because: I'm vegan, the color is quite perfect, and I have a difficult time finding cruelty-free fashion pieces that I really like.

vicky.inwonderland @

jlvandemark said...

I have been looking for the perfect little black dress and I love this one!

Jen said...

aww i love the designers they choose for their shop! if i won the gift card i'd definitely go for the jeffrey campbell clogs:

:) crossing my fingers!

Caitlyn, Bees with Feathers said...

This dress would definitely be on my first to get list! I love their huge selection of dresses!!

Christy said...

I really find this dress sweet

sweet giveaway!

ednamode said...
This dress is so pretty. i love how it is monochromatic.
I love how you always have contests, thank you.

It Girl Who? (Abbey) said...

I would love to enter! Hmm... there's so much to choose from. I would love to get this:

It's so cute and looks really comfy. :)


l.kirschner said...

I would get the Polly Polygon Skirt by Tulle

I love clothing made by Tulle!

I would also use the money towards getting the Be There Black Skirt.

I've really been into more fitted, high-waited skirts recently.

I'd get the Princess Mononoke Ring because I'm OBSESSED with interesting rings.

And lastly, I would get the Zad Fond Memories Locket Necklace in Silver because it reminds me of the locket I had when I was little that came with The Secret Garden on VHS.

Polina said...

These are so nice!

ThatArtsyGirl said...

This is such a fantastic giveaway!

Well, judging that I would have 100 dollars to spend, I would definetly splurge on this lovely BB Dakota Riverton Camel Coat.

I just think it is so classy and a great essential to have. Also the cut and shape is brilliant.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

Celeste said...

If I won I'd get the "Make the Ranks Skirt in Khaki." I just think that the buttons pockets and colors are so perfect and could be used for so many different outfits. I know that's only $33, but I'd split the rest between my sisters so they could get beautiful things too!

JAE said...

I would get the Chelsea Crew Juliette Nude Tear Drop Peep Toe Heel, because it just might be the perfect heel for my wedding dress! I also would go for the vintage Museo shirt because I love the colors and it's just the cutest!

mary van note said...

I'd get these shorts

and these oxfords

Joey said...

I'd LOVE these boots! ive been coveting a pair of ankle boots with shearling! and these would fit the bill perfectly!

Miss Crafity said...

Great giveaway, thank you!

I would splurge on the Mink Pink Basket Case Woven Grey Sweater! I just think it's so unique and comfy too!


Jocelan Thiessen said...

i like the Kersh Frangipani Cowl quite a bit!

abigail oliveros said...

This dress has such a cool pattern on it and the colour looks great on the dress!


Kat said...

i've been eyeing these shoes for a while, so prob these: i can't say no to leopard. XD

- kat


my tootsies have been beggin' for some tinselin' from Mr. Campbell ... so ... if i won (and you can be sure i'll be crossin' my fingers AND toes) i'd gladly be sportin' this perfect pair:


Raven said...

Their shoe selection is too amazing for me to choose, though tempting. I liked this shirt:

Love your blog!


Lizzybee said...

The velvet is so lush. It would be fun to take such a dressy dress and wear it more casually.

Laurie said...

I've been looking for a pair of heels that don't stray on the boring side yet that are also quite sensible. These are pretty much perfect.

In Guam, we don't have winter; we have rainy season. This jacket is perfect for our weather.

My Hideaway said...

I'm torn between many things, but I would most likely get either the Tulle tan coat or the amelia navy handbag by Melie Bianco
The bag because I need a new one, and I like the contrast of the brass hardware with the navy crinkled vegan leather. The coat because I've loved Tulle for a long time and have yet to own any of their coats.

Stephanie said...

It would between this...

or this...

Can never have too many boots. :P


Shannon said...

poet said...

What a lovely shop!

I'm very intrigued by the vegan leather items, I think I'd go for this one:

or this one:



daughteroftheRiver said...

I am always needing more cardigans this one is so cozy looking:
and i love this neutral dress:

Alison Pate said...

Fall just makes me want boots!


Kyra said...

I've been craving a pair of lace-up oxfords and since gray is big this season, these seem perfect:

Anonymous said...

THIS GIVEAWAY IS STRANGELY SERENDIPITOUS Magic Happens Black Velvet Dress by Mink Pink

I've been dying for a black velvet dress to wear for winter, this one appears everything I could possibly dream of or ask for with its perfectly cozy and glorious shape fit-and-flare shape, interesting details on the bodice--and it's even long-sleeved! I love the way velvet can catch light beautifully during the day, or be paired with platforms and a bold lip for night. (although, frankly, I would wear that during the day with tights and probably receive all sorts of interested glances). For me, it is a bit too pricey for me to jump right on it, but I would love to give it a home.
GO Max Giorgia 04 Camel Side Show Lace Up Cone Heels

I love the cut-outs and the distressed mustard finish on these heels, the color makes them unique but still versatile. The lace-up detail keeps them from being too dressy, and would make them an easy pair with anything. Plus, I think that's an invitation to wear fun socks this winter, and what better way to showcase them than the peek-a-boo near the arch of the foot? Best of all--they're vegan! I've been dying for a pair of really high-quality vegan shoes for a reasonable price (this is a near-impossible feat), and these seem to be the answer to my prayers.

Thank you so much again!


Addie said...

I'd choose the "Chelsea Crew Tracer Gray Belt Laced Cone Heel Bootie" because the open and strappy style is so cool for fall. And I need some grey! Thanks for the giveaway!

Elizabeth said...

My gay best friend is getting married at the end of the month with a casual reception. I don't wear jewelry and think the studded neckline adds enough visual interest and matches this weird shimmery bronze nail polish I picked up a few weeks ago at Forever 21 for reasons I'm now trying to justify. So, maybe an icebreaker if any guests want to discuss metallurgy between celebrating love and demanding the repeal of DOMA.

Comrade.J said...

I've been searching for pretty navy blue, suede heels =)



This is such a great giveaway!

I'm in love with these heels:

I don't really have any reasons other than that I'm desperately trying to breathe some life into my shoe collection and I think these would do very nicely! I love the other shoes on the site, there are some gorgeous boots that I'm salivating over as well!

grammatically at

Melissa said...

I would LOVE the Mimosa Fuchsia Dress by Lucy Love. I can just see myself layering a blouse underneath or wearing it with a cardigan. I adore the colors!

<3 Melissa

Bunny B said...

I would get this:

and :


bunnybx at gmail . com

Ella said...

Lace collars are my favorite thing at the moment!

Ella said...

Oh & my email: ellachalmers at

vintagewithatwist said...

what an amazing giveaway! if I won I would definitely buy this dress
because it's just too cute. and I'm loving florals for fall!

kelseyosterman said...

I LOVE the blue color! Super simple, elegant dress. Can be paired with lots of things. :)


Sophie said...

I'd get these

I'm on an olive green kick :)

Anonymous said...

First, I <3 Lulus. I've ordered shoes from them in the past and they are fantastic with equally wonderful customer service.

I've been wanting these shoes for a while.

Or this scarf, since I live in Minnesota.

Or this coat. Love the color.

erinliz said...

yes please!
these shoes look like they can be worn with jeans or a dress. and they look pretty easy to walk in.

btw i have a us address now.


Laure said...

I'd buy the really popular Litas, since Lulu's has them in my favorite color (mustard).

If I buy some stroke of luck win, contact me via email or my blog please! (laure.p AT gmail DOT com)

The Elegant Bohemian said...

I would snatch up these two items!

a pair of tall gray boots....oh my goodness, these would absolutely take many of my summer clothes into fall and winter!


a pair of black booties. I've been dying to have a pair of black booties so I can look like the cool girls! Add tights, sprinkle liberally with attitude and VOILA! I'm a cool girl too!


bee said...

i would love this jacket because it's navy blue (it's difficult to find cute outerwear pieces in navy), could be worn with layers, and dressed up or down. also, these boots, because my beloved black boots are badly showing their wear.

whendovescry at :)

Bear said...

I would buy the GO Max Ashland Gold Glitter Pumps and the Chelsea Crew Citrus Tan Lace-Up Desert Ankle Boot!

nic said...

I need some shoes - so I would get these three:

Thanks for offering this giveaway!

Talia said...

oh there is just so much I could buy at lulus.

for starters, it would have to be this boogie nights black dress. super sexy, but covered up.

Amber Blue Bird said...

There are just so many ways you could style this tunic

Brittany said...

Oh, I love Lulus! I'm crossing my fingers on this one!

This would make an adorable outfit:

I'm loving those leggings. I might have to splurge regardless of if I win!

Rachel said...

I've been looking for a cute wristlet for a long time! Its perfect for going out, no big purse to keep track of, just big enough for my id's and some cash.

and to keep with the theme, this adorable ring!

Sarah said...

I love LuLu's; it's a fantastic shop with a great, well-priced selection. For fall, I've been looking for a new brown purse, and I love the woven detail on this one ( I've also been looking for black heeled oxfords, and this are perfect, especially for the price! ( Finally, I'd like one more fall dress, and right now I'm leaning towards this cozy one:


Mandy said...

I'd spend it toward a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots! I've been coveting these forever. Thanks for the giveaway!

Jenniferocious said...

I'm currently craving new shoes/boots, so everything is from that category...

Perhaps I would buy the
Lucky Gray Suede Belt Around Over the Knee Boots
Wanted Chaps Tan Lace Up Spectator Oxford

Or the
Soda Carson Grey Never Lazy Lace Up Cone Heel
Wanted Akira Tan Lace Up Knee High Lug Sole Boot

Hmm... or maybe I need a higher paying job, to finance my shoe addiction!

Abby said...

I would buy these cute Jeggings! :)

Sooo cute!! :)


Kyla said...

I really like the Land Rover Dress: and this White Dress

Jenny said...

please and thank you :)


kenda said...

i'd buy this cheetah print dress.

and this sweet cheeks floral dress.

i think i could pull of wearing them at a club & at work.


HannaElise said...


hannafurey at gmail dot com

KristiMcMurry said...

Among other things, I think I would get this vintage sweater

It would be great for just about anything! I can't think of a time that I couldn't wear this...

bukaeyes said...

I love this sweater!

kaelah beauregarde said...

country outing floral backpack definitely!

Marimaru said...

I'm spending the post-Christmas holidays in Dublin and Paris this year and I'm so excited to be celebrating European style, but I'm having the hardest time coming up with stylish things to wear (they're so fashion forward there!). I thought the Sassy Sequin Strapless Taupe Dress or the Gold for the Goddess Party Dress might be just the thing!

Beth-xo said...


Well just looked at the site, and here are few things would like -

The perfect party dress, and of course the LBD what every girl needs in thier wardrobe, but i am sadly lacking.

this ring because i have just seen it and literally fallen in LOVE LOVE LOVE! so beautiful!

And lastly this scarf because i totally need a scarf for autumn/winter, and this will go with everything!


Reticella said...

great giveaway!

I would spend my giftcard on..

i've been a huge obey fan for a while, and have been saving my pennies for this exact tote. so happy ( and quite surprised ) that they had it in stock!

this reminds me of my moms wedding ring.. without the whole snake part. i personally love snakes and animal rings

these aren't my usual style, but i really like these!

good luck everyone, and thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway

Annie said...'

Oxfords and a khaki skirt, please! I live in Arizona, so I won't be shopping for winter clothes for some time. Fall hasn't even quite arrived yet, so I would definitely get some wear from these items! It's so hard to find great oxfords too, and I just love love love these.

Jorie said...

I would totally buy the Soda Carson Grey Never Lazy Lace Up Cone Heel, they're adorable and vegan! I would have money left over to get the Everhart Forever Orange Dress.

Mary said...

This necklace is simple, but will be a cute way to add something to all the plain sweaters I wear all winter!


Rubie Hubie said...

Wow! I've never seen this site before, and it's amazing! :)

Since both my winter-type shoes have now developed holes I would grab a cute pair of boots like

And I've been Dying to get some gray shoes and these are suuper adorable.


Lillian T. said...

Oh! I love Lulu's!! I do not normally shop online, beacuse I am short, and rarely fit in all the stuff I buy, and it is not worth it, but I would definately consider shopping from here, I really like these clothes.
so, what I would buy from them if I had the gift card would probably be some combo of: becasue I love this print, and I don't have one like it,
Because I have been searching for a perfect pair of tailored grey shorts liek THESE for AGES!! no joke. and also:
Beacause I love lace. And Shorts. for fall especially :)
And even though I would not be able to get these form the gift card, I love J. Campbell's shoes!!

So there. I really like this store and would love love love to get some money to actually get these things. So please pick me. Please. :)

My e-mail is:

Please also visit my blog:


Chantal Elena Mitchell said...

I think this website will make me go insane. I love so many of the items - especially their shoes. I'll link to some of my favorite items. These boots are chaotic perfection. I love the shape, the small toe and the looooong laces. This would be my first purchase, any day. These are gorgeous too. While I would usually go for these shoes in black.. something is making me lean towards the olive/beige combination. These shoes are exotic, but wedges, making them easier to handle for me, personally. I think these would normally intimidate me, but they're so gorgeous, I'd have to take a chance with them. I love and own lots of big, sparkly rings. This would be fantastic for my collection..

I'll definitely be browsing this website all day!

Alli said...

I think I'm torn between these two... what the hell I would probably get both:

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