Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Dream of Pumpkin

My Internet is down, so now I am forced to run to a Computer Lab anytime I wish to accomplish something.
Meanwhile all I can think about is great pumpkin eats--pumpkin ice cream, bread, muffins, not to mention the savory stews, or baked seeds. Yum! Recipes here.


coco said...

mmmm it all looks so good
especially the ice cream

Kiera said...

I was just snooping around to check out some fashion blogs and....
I adore your blog!
Everything is so funky!
Great pictures, and fun clothes! Also, the outifts are so wear-around-school so it's not like right off the runway posts!
Glad I found this one....


Heather said...

Do you have a Graeter's ice cream shop? Best. Pumpkin. Ever.

Aisha said...


Juliet said...

I feel your pain, my internet has just started to work again.

and thanks for the comment!

juliet xxx

(from computer lab :D )

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

Ohh it all looks so yummy!
How dare you do this to me!

WendyB said...


In Yr Fshn said...

Oooh pumpkin ice cream. I used to work in an ice cream shop where we served soft pumpkin yogurt. It was amazing.

Gillian Young said...

I am on the same pumpkin kick and have been dying to make pumpkin bread! Will check your recipe.

In fact, I just ate three little bags of Korean pumpkin cakes, the most delicious little snacks of pure pumpkin the world has to offer.

Yummy, thanks for more inspiration.

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