Monday, September 1, 2014

Pink Hair, Don't Care

As you can see, my hair is now pink. I mostly went pink because things went wrong when touching up the blonde at home (fixing your roots seemed so simple...), but I'm pretty happy to be temporarily pink. It's a fun color and since I still consider my hair in the "growing out" stage it's nice to mix things up while I try to keep from cutting it.
The process: I started with a blonde base. I had just touched up the roots and toned it with Wella T18. I only had the Wella T18 in for around 10 minutes, but certain parts of my hair turned grey/silver. After I had rinsed that out and let it dry I applied Manic Panic cotton candy mixed with Head&Shoulders conditioner (from the tutorials I looked at online any white conditioner will do). I used approximately half dye, half conditioner, but no exact measurements; I just mixed it until the pink looked like a nice pastel shade. I left the dye in my hair for around 45 minutes, checked the color, and washed it out with cold water. Since my hair was more white (grey) in the front, the pink is brighter in the front and slightly more peach-toned in the back where the toner didn't turn my hair silver. Since pink and peach are better colors than grey, I'm ok with this.

Blue Jean Baby

I spent most of high school and a good part of college hiding my legs in jeans, even though I never really liked jeans. I was self conscious about how my legs looked, but shortly before my junior year of college I started to get over my insecurities and switched to almost exclusively wearing skirts and dresses. I'm not entirely abandoning my closet of skirts and dresses, but lately I've been craving jeans again. I had a few missteps trying jeans from my usual shops, before stumbling across a couple of cheap, stretchy pairs from Forever 21 that I actually really like. This is one pair--simple, blue, and about as comfortable as any jean can be. If only as a base for this beautiful blouse, the hunt has been worth it. But don't get too used to it; unless I find a lot more lovely blouses like this one I'm going to firmly stay a dress girl!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Remix

details: Gardens of Whimsy flower crown, floral dress, thrifted belt, tieks ballet flats

details: floral dress, thrifted belt, tulle skirt (similar), old sandals (similar)

details: F21 cardigan (similar), floral dress, thrifted belt, ballet flats

One fall floral dress, three ways to wear it. I don't usually think of floral when it comes to fall (since most flowers seem to bloom in the spring!) but isn't there something fall-like about this one? It's probably just the darker palette but I'm envisioning it in so many autumn outfits--navy tights and scarves, red tights and lace-up boots, etc. The colors don't work perfectly with my pink hair, but you win some, you lose some...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Wedding Planning: The Photographer

Although picking a wedding photographer seemed like one of the more stressful details to figure out, ironically it was one of our easiest decisions and the second thing we booked. Thomas and I discussed what we wanted and then he did some research and found what seems like the perfect fit for us: Epic Love Photography. Based in Belfast, they're local to where our wedding will be and we really like the candid and atmospheric quality of their captures. I imagine the day will go by in the blur, so instead of a lot of staged photographs of family in a line, I want photographs of people throughout the day, talking to each other, enjoying their food, dancing, etc. I want to be able to look back at the photographs and see genuine moments that I would have missed otherwise and I want our wedding portraits to reflect our personalities and appreciation of nature. I think Epic Love captures that in their work and I'm really looking forward to seeing their captures of our big day.

*all photographs courtesy of Epic Love Photography

Friday, August 29, 2014

Style Crush: Elsa Billgren

Someone who knows her style and always looks beautiful is Elsa Billgren. She runs a popular Swedish blog, among her other activities from what I can glean in her slightly translated posts. While she wears mostly vintage and looks quite retro head-to-toe I find it very inspiring the way she plays with color, pattern, and texture--vintage gingham seems to look twice as sweet with a polka dot scarf, a geometric dress is even more dynamic with jeweled heels, and every outfit has more punch with red lips and curls. I've been following her blog for years and while her style hasn't changed, I haven't grown bored yet! She makes me want to own more vintage, wear more heels, and mix things up more--more color, more patterns, and more fun when it comes to layers!

Pinkie Promise

sheinside jacket, slip dress (worn as top), thrifted belt, tulle skirt (similar), old sandals (similar), camden market purse
After a little at-home coloring fiasco (hint: don't overdo it on the toner or your hair might turn grey but I'll post more details later) I decided to take the plunge and dye my hair pink. I wanted to keep the blonde for a bit longer, but when things went wrong I decided pink was a better alternative than becoming a silver fox. I was tempted to wear a head-to-toe pink outfit to emphasize the new 'do but ultimately decided it was more fun to dress conservatively in contrast. No matter the color, these milkmaid braids are my favorite summer hairstyle and I've worn a variation of this outfit a good half dozen times. This skirt and slip dress as a blouse is one of my default looks; I mix up the belt, shoes, purse, and jacket but the base nearly always remains the same. There's no reason to mess with a good thing...Unless it is my hair I suppose! I'm not bored of messing with that yet.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dear Creatures Fall 2014

Dear Creatures is always a favorite brand, but their Fall lookbook is even more perfectly attuned to my autumn aspirations than usual. The photographs are more mood-inducing than a clear picture of the clothes, but you can still spy a covetable nautical-themed coat and perfect-for-brisk-days-pumpkin-patch-visiting fuzzy sweaters. Autumn always has a pang of nostalgia too it and the lookbook captures that perfectly while offering the sort of clothes that give you comfort when the days turn dark.
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