Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mirai Chan

I'm not usually a sucker for photographs of children, or really children in general! Sure I've known a some nice kids, but I'm just not that girl who sees a baby or cute kid and starts going "awww." However, some children just have an amazing presence that seems to grip you with near star-like quality; the adorable Mirai-chan is one of those children.
The chubby cheeked Japanese four year old was photographed for one year by Kawashima Kotori who published the series in a book. The four year old was given the pseudonym Mirai-chan ("Mirai" meaning future in Japanese) and has since gone on to win the hearts of people all over the world. The series functions as documentation on one hand as we witness her in candid moments with food on her face or laughter bursting from her lips and even tears welling in her eyes. The photographer, Kotori, however views his series as conceptual; in renaming the girl he uses her to represent all that is lovable in human nature. Although Japanese and recorded on the island of Sado her winning spirit is universal--showing the best of human kind and what we have in common.


Before I dyed my hair blonde I tried to figure out what color clothes would complement the new hair color. For this reason most of the clothes I packed for Northern Ireland were blue and green, but when I saw this dress at Hello Holiday I couldn't resist trying it out. I wasn't sure the mustard and purple tones would "go" with the blonde hair, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how it works. I probably shouldn't worry about color coordination so much, but for me it's one of the intimidating factors about changing your hair color. Actually, there's probably a lot of intimidating factors about changing my hair. Usually the day before a hair cut or color I consider canceling my plans and wonder why I wasted money on purple shampoo. But so far every time I have gone through with the change I haven't regretted the decision--whether it works for me or not it's good to experience something new. And if your hair doesn't perfectly match your dress you can always wear a hat!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Statement Earrings from 9th&Elm

Although I'm not usually one for large, dangly earrings I couldn't resist these sparkly ones at 9th&Elm. I already own a few pieces from 9th&elm.com but as a refresher: the site offers flash sales of discounted designer pieces for a limited period of time. Unlike other shops the designers they feature are all indie designers and most of the pieces are handmade. These earrings are by Kristin Perry, but there's already new pieces on 9th&Elm to covet.

London Leftovers

*the Natural History Museum & the Victoria & Albert Museum
I'm back stateside, but here are a few leftover photographs from my brief adventures around London with my sister and Thomas. We did a lot of walking, a little shopping, saw the red poppies spilling out of the Tower of London, admired antiquities in museums, sat in parks, sipped cider in pubs, slept on floors, and generally had a good time. It's always amazing how much you can pack into one city. It's hard to find rest when there's so much to see and tourist-ing is tiring work, but as soon as I'm back home I'm ready to be away again...

Outfit details:
shirt & purse bought at Camden Market

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Remix

One striped dress courtesy of Sheinside, three ways to wear it. This dress seemed like a perfect summer piece--not too clingy, but with a classic style and handy pockets. It also works really nicely with skirts layered over top, looking like your everyday breton-striped tee and I can see it layered up more for fall. These are just three easy outfits I came up with on a cloudy afternoon.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend Wedding Planning: The Invitations

*polaroid invitations

I suppose if I was more of an expert at this wedding planning thing I'd have more websites to read as guides or I'd be up to my elbows in magazines or something. But right now I'm wondering if someone ever created a handy timeline of when you should be doing what. As in, our first priority has been finding a venue and then seeing what dates are available. Next up was confirming the minister and starting our hunt for wedding photographers. I'm also browsing dresses online, but the next priority seems to be the wedding invitations. Especially with a "destination" wedding it seems very important that our guests get a formal invite with the exact date promptly so they can make travel plans and we can know our precise guest list so we can look into places for them to stay and so on.
Invitations seem to set the tone for your wedding--they can introduce your guests to your color scheme and let them know what to expect. I can't seem to make up my mind about the colors, so I'm hoping to keep the invitation in theme with the location (which we have decided on! more on that another time). Some of my favorite invitations are intricate laser-cut designs, but I think they're a little too modern for a rustic/romantic outdoor wedding. It's rather hard right now because with many aspects of the wedding I keep finding that I like multiple items and styles and instead of trying to figure out what my favorite is I'm trying to figure out what fits the day the best.
But what do you think: choose the wedding invitation (and other wedding accruements) you find the most fun or stick with a theme for cohesiveness?

*invitations by dawnswiss cottage designs & eco-recycling wedding invitation, respectively

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