Monday, July 28, 2014

Postcards from Ireland

A few beautiful shots around Ireland and Northern Ireland...

Brigadoon Cottage

Brigadoon cottage nestled in the misty Mourne mountains outside Castlewellan.
Say hello to our new home--or so we wish! Thomas surprised me with a brief visit to this idyllic little cottage surrounded by mountains. You basically couldn't have wiped the smile off my face the whole time we were there. It's a beautiful wee home with the bright green door and windows and white stone walls that almost make you feel as if you're in a cave once you're inside. It is the sort of house Thomas and I would like to live in one day, but for now we're just visiting. Let's just hope unlike the Brigadoon story we'll be allowed to see it again before it's been one hundred years...We felt at home as soon as we were in the front door carrying our chips & curry takeaway (it's my favorite) and enjoyed our refined meal in front of a roaring fire which was probably unnecessary given the season. It was the coziest space for a relaxing day and night complete with a friendly cat that greeted us nearly every time we stepped outdoors.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Am Very Busy

by Benji

Sunday Remix: Three Ways To Wear A Chambray Dress

details: wit & bloom flower crown, Pepa Loves purse, UO shoes

details: boater hat (similar), striped crop top, Love from Cyprus sandals

details: Sheinside sunglasses, vintage belt, tulle skirt, old sandals (similar)

Three simple ways you can remix this chambray dress. I already wore it here, but such a flexible piece demands a remix. I love how a fitted bodice means it can work as a top, when you layer a skirt over it. The dress also looks good as a skirt when you layer a crop top (or sweater in fall!) on top. This is why I prefer dresses--instead of buying a chambray skirt and a chambray top I basically get those styles with a little creative layering. Anyway, you can definitely expect to see me in this dress more this summer.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Instant Life

Photographer Florian Beaudenon provides a voyeuristic bird's eye viewed into the stylized at home settings of strangers in his series "Instant Life." From above we witness the everyday banality of home life while Beaudenon asks what differs in the way people behave in private versus public. The biggest difference from his perspective seems to be ease and creativity--most subjects are barefooted and at play with their favorite hobbies. To me, series displays beautifully curated rooms more than explores the differences between privacy and public, but the images themselves are refreshing and let us experience the "fly on the wall" sensation we have often wished for.

Postcards from Ireland

I'm currently enjoying some of the most beautiful weather in Northern Ireland and being on my computer for an extended period of time is a pain. So today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite "touristy" snaps from my Instagram. They're not the same quality as I can get with my camera, but sometimes it's nice to leave the camera at home.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

For awhile when The City was on the air Olivia Palermo seemed to be the answer to the question: what happens to Blair Waldorf after school? But the reality star really seemed to hit her style and career stride after the show ended and the invites to fashion weeks all over the world started pouring in. It wasn't too long before she was a street photographer favorite and sitting front row at all the big names. It's easy to see why--she has model-like proportions, but doesn't just "rest on pretty" choosing instead to mix things up in an eclectic style that is fresh and inspiring. I sometimes wonder why she's wearing two coats and no tights, but I love the mix of colors and how she plays with proportions. She's one of those style crushes I don't really want to admit to liking, but when she's so chic why pretend?
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